Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, in a head-and-shoulders port



Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, in a head-and-shoulders portrait taken by photographer Alexander Gardner on February 5, 1865. Traditionally called "last photograph of Lincoln from life", this final photo in Lincoln's last photo session was long thought to have been made on April 10, 1865, but more recent research has indicated the earlier date in February. The crack comes from the original negative, which was broken and discarded back in 1865. The entirety of the American Civil War took place while Lincoln was in office, starting a month after he was elected, and ending just days before his assassination in April of 1865. (LOC)

16任美国总统阿伯拉罕·林肯的头像,摄影师Alexander Gardner摄于1865年2月5日,被称为“林肯最后照片”。



Jefferson Davis, a former United States Secretary of War and Senator from the State of Mississippi, served as the President of the Confederate States of America from 1861-1865. After the war, he was captured, indicted for treason, and imprisoned for two years -- after which he was freed on bail. His case was eventually dropped in 1869, and he lived another twenty years, passing away at the age of 81. (Mathew Brady/NARA) #




A group men from Company B, U.S. Engineer Battalion, near Petersburg, Virginia in August of 1864. (LOC) #




Confederate Soldiers on the march through enemy occupied Frederick, Maryland in 1862. (NARA) #




Confederate General Robert E. Lee poses in a late April 1865 portrait taken by Mathew Brady in Richmond, Virginia. By the end of the war, Lee had been appointed as general-in-chief of all Confederate forces, having led numerous armies into battle against Union forces during the conflict. It was Lee's surrender to General Ulysses Grant at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865 that signaled the end of the war. (NARA) #

邦联的罗伯特·E·李将军全身像,Mathew Brady1865年4月摄于佛州里士满,到战争结束之时,李将军已经是南军总司令,率领众多南军将士抵抗联邦军,1865年4月9日,李将军在Appomattox Court House向格兰特将军的投降标志着战争结束。



Union General Ulysses S. Grant served as Commanding General of the Army during the Civil War. After the war, his popularity in the North helped him to win the U.S. presidency in 1868, and again in 1872. (LOC) #




The routines of camp life of the 31st Penn. Infantry (later, 82d Penn. Infantry) at Queen's farm, vicinity of Fort Slocum, Washington, D.C., during the Civil War in 1861. (AP Photo/Library of Congress) #

1861年内战期间,第31宾州步兵团在华府特区Fort Slocum附近Queen's farm的日常营地生活。



Three different photographs of Peter, a slave from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, ca. 1863. The scars are a result of a whipping by his overseer Artayou Carrier, who was subsequently fired by the master. It took two months to recover from the beating. These photographs were widely distributed in the North during the war. Also called "Gordon", Peter later enlisted in the Union Army. (NARA) #

1863年,一名来自路易斯安那州巴吞鲁日的叫彼得的奴隶三张不同照片,这些伤痕是他监工Artayou Carrier鞭打的结果,这花了2个月去愈合,这些照片在北方被广泛传播,彼得后来参加了联邦军。



Adelbert Ames served as a Union Army general during the War, leading men in numerous battles. After the war, he served as military governor, Senator and civilian governor in Reconstruction-era Mississippi. Ames lived a long life, passing away in 1933, at the age of 97. (Mathew Brady/NARA) #




William Mahone was a civil engineer, railroad executive, and ardent supporter of the secession of the South. In 1861, after Virginia seceded, Mahone -- still a civilian -- orchestrated the capture of the Gosport Shipyard in in Portsmouth, Virginia, driving an empty passenger train loudly into town, bluffing the Federal troops into abandoning the shipyard. He later took a commission as a colonel in the Confederate Army. After the war, Mahone served a term as the U.S. Senator from Virginia, in 1881. (NARA) #

William Mahone是民间铁路工程师,南部脱离运动的热心支持者,1861年佛州脱离联邦后,精心策划了夺取佛州朴茨茅斯Gosport船厂的事件,他震天价响地开着一列空载的客车进城,把联邦士兵吓得放弃船厂逃跑了,他稍后获得邦联的上校委任,1881年成为佛州参议员。



Rose O'Neal Greenhow, "Wild Rose", poses with her daughter inside the old Capitol Prison in Washington, D.C. Greenhow, a Confederate spy, used her social ties in the Washington area to help her pass information to the South. She was apprehended by Allan Pinkerton in 1861, and held for nearly a year. She was released, deported to Richmond, Virginia, and welcomed heartily by southerners. She served as a diplomat for the Confederacy, traveling to Europe, and profiting from a popular memoir she wrote in London in 1863. In October of 1864, she was sailing home aboard a blockade runner, pursued by a Union ship near North Carolina. Her ship ran aground, and Greenhow drowned during an escape attempt, after her rowboat capsized. (LOC) #

Rose O'Neal Greenhow




A group of "contrabands" (a term used to describe freed or escaped slaves) in front of a building in Cumberland Landing, Virginia, on May 14, 1862. (James F. Gibson/LOC) #

1862年5月14日,一群“违禁品”(用于形容获得自由或逃跑的奴隶)在佛州Cumberland Landing 的建筑前面。



William Tecumseh Sherman, a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, served as a General in the Union Army, commanding several campaigns. Perhaps best known was his capture of Atlanta, Georgia, after which his troops began "Sherman's March to the Sea", inflicting massive damage to military and civilian infrastructure during a month-long march toward the coast, ending with the capture of Savannah, Georgia. (Matthew Brady/NARA) #

谢尔曼,一名西点毕业生,作为联邦军将领指挥数次战役,可能最广为人知的是他攻占了乔治亚州的亚特兰大,之后他的部队开始了” 向大海进军战略”,在一个月长的向海岸行军当中,大规模摧毁了军用和民用设施,最后攻占了乔治亚州的萨凡纳。




A soldier's body lies mangled on a field, killed by a shell at the battle of Gettysburg. (Alexander Gardner/LOC) #




Francis C. Barlow entered the Civil War as enlisted men in the Union Army and ended it as general. Wounded several times, Barlow survived the war, later serving as the New York Secretary of State and New York State Attorney General. (LOC) #

Francis C. Barlow开战时是联邦军的一名战士,结束时已经是一名将军,多次受伤,最后成为纽约州参议员和纽约州总检察长。




Union General Herman Haupt, a civil engineer, moves across the Potomac River in a one-man pontoon boat that he invented for scouting and bridge inspection in an image taken between 1860 and 1865. Haupt, an 1835 graduate of West Point, was chief of construction and transportation of U.S. military railroads during the war. (AP Photo/Library of Congress, A.J. Russell) #

联邦将军Herman Haupt,这张照片是1860年到1865年间,他单枪匹马划船去侦察一座桥梁时拍摄的,他是1835年届西点生,战争期间是美国军用铁路建设和运输的负责人。


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